1. Find a time when everyone is up for sharing. Including the adults! Mealtime, road trips, bedtime, or in the classroom at school!
  2. Each card can be a full conversation! Topics (and their definition) can be found on the back side (side with the lions.)
  3. Begin with the illustrated side. Don’t forget the blurbs at the bottom! The lion side has additional talking points if you want to dig deeper.
  4. Questions are meant to be answered by EVERYONE. Don’t grill your poor kiddo!
  5. Interrupting ain’t cool. Have your child cut out the lions’ heads. Whoever is holding the lions, has the mic.
  6. Bring your vulnerability. When you open up, your child will be more likely to open up too.
  7. Remember respect. Tell your kid that you value his/her ideas and it’s cool to think differently.

Because we want our kids to bend, not break.

Family game night involving funny conversation starters for kids